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General Sites (jobs in the public sector) (a comprehensive site with job vacancies as well as job finding tips and detailed information about New Zealand industries)
(also has vacancies for Australia)



Farming: (Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry)


Information Technology (IT)

Medical (Doctors & Nurses) : (Ministry of Health)


Skiing Industry:

New Zealand Newspapers

Obtain copies of as many New Zealand newspapers as possible, most of which contain job sections. Vacancies are advertised most days, the most popular days being Wednesdays and Saturdays.

New Zealand’s main newspapers are regional rather than national and include The Dominion (Wellington, employment sections in the Wednesday and Saturday editions,, The Evening Post (Wellington, includes employment vacancies on Wednesdays and Saturdays,, The New Zealand Herald (mainly Auckland news and vacancies with some national coverage,, The Otago Daily Times (Dunedin) and The Press (Christchurch, It’s worth checking city libraries abroad, as they sometimes have New Zealand newspapers.

Employment Offices

Visit Work and Income offices in New Zealand. Jobs on offer are mainly non-professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled.

Recruitment Consultancies & Employment Agencies

If you’re looking for an executive or professional position, you can apply to recruitment consultancies in New Zealand and abroad specialising in the kind of position you’re seeking. They will usually be pleased to help and advise you, whether or not you have applied for permission to live in New Zealand. On the other hand, employment agencies can usually help you only if you’re already in New Zealand and have been granted permanent residence (or, exceptionally, a working holiday visa).

Professional Organisations

If you’re a professional it may be worthwhile contacting professional organisations in New Zealand. Although they cannot find you a job, they can often help with advice and provide the names of prospective employers.

Government Departments

If you’re considering a position or career with a government department or another public body, it’s worth contacting the relevant organisation directly. It isn’t necessary to be a New Zealand citizen to apply for many official positions, particularly in areas where there’s a shortage of skills. The government periodically holds exhibitions abroad, particularly in London, mainly to attract young New Zealand professionals back to their country but also to attract professionals of other nationalities.

For many years the New Zealand Ministry of Education has welcomed (in fact, lured and enticed) teachers to fill vacancies in schools in order to combat a serious shortage. Vacancies are advertised through its own recruitment agency, Teach NZ, which operates in English-speaking countries worldwide.

The New Zealand police is also suffering a shortage of experienced officers, as several Australian forces (particularly Queensland) have a habit of poaching experienced New Zealand officers with the lure of a 20 to 30 per cent pay rise. Your local New Zealand Consulate or High Commission will put you in touch with the relevant government department.

Unsolicited Job Applications

Apply to companies directly in New Zealand, whether or not they’re advertising vacancies. Needless to say, it’s a hit and miss affair, but the advantage is that you aren’t competing directly with dozens of other applicants as with an advertised job vacancy. This approach can be particularly successful if you have skills, experience and qualifications that are in short supply in New Zealand.

When writing from abroad, enclosing an international reply coupon may help to elicit a response. Useful addresses can be obtained from trade directories (such as Kompass New Zealand), which are available at major libraries and New Zealand Chambers of Commerce abroad or from the New Zealand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (

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How to get a job

The majority of New Zealand people get jobs through applying to job advertisements in newspaper and more job listings in job wetsite. It requires confidence and self promotion which are qualities discouraged in many other cultures. You need to rewrite your CV into a CV Format that is suited to New Zealand
 environment, and get ready for job interview.

How to Find Jobs
Do research in internet and be clear about how to find job international. Here is list most popular key words people search job in internet for seeking a job in world ( following key words always searched with "New Zealand" or city ),However, you can always search your idea job in our Job Search.  Here is example
Marketing Job new zealand

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 To improve your English while gaining practical
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