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The Internet has helped in finding work as most of the information below can be accessed via the Internet instead of buying newspapers or travelling. For example, Searching for Call Centre Jobs can be a tiresome process but help is at hand with Jobs Today search online and find the right role for you.

Your Local Job centre can be accessed using
  • Job Centre Offices
    To find jobs local to your area
  • Employment Agencies
    listed ranging from Specialist Agencies dealing with the professions to general employment agencies for full or part time jobs , and Temp or contract work
  • Major Internet Agencies with estimated 500,000 plus
     Your Local Regional Newspaper often has an online presence 
    National Newspapers like the Guardian, Telegraph and Times have large Jobs sections
  • Our list of National newspapers
    Employment Agencies who specialise in sectors and also find agencies
  • Employment Agencies by Sector or with jobs in your local Town

    Curriculum Vitae (CV)

    A CV is a short descriptive account about you and your work experience and Qualifications It should ideally be up to four sides of A4 giving a potential employer a means to quickly evaluate if you are suitable for an interview
    ( 1 ) Personal details about yourself including interests hobbies and contact information
    ( 2 ) Your career / Employment history
    ( 3 )Your Educational , Training and Professional Qualifications
    ( 4 ) Personal and Professional References Remember that you could be 1 of 100's who are applying for a job and your CV and accompanying letter are your best tools to get to the next stage of an interview If you need help check in the local library or Careers office for further guidance
    You should try to keep your CV up to date at all times

    Letter applying for the job

    ( 1 ) Summarise your skills and experience. Keep it brief and to the point.
    ( 2 ) State the job details you are applying for with reference number if you have one
    ( 3 ) Say when you are free for an interview
    ( 4 ) Include your name, address and phone number and the date you wrote the letter
    ( 5 ) Enclose a copy of your CV.
    ( 6 ) Make sure you have the correct name and address for the job If you need help check in the local library or Careers office for further guidance

    Job Interview

    Well you have done well to get to this stage so lets look at how to help your interview go well

    Preparation before the interview

    ( 1 ) Find out about the company and the job before hand.
     ( 2 ) Check you know where the company is located
     ( 3 ) Also check if you will need to take some sort of test and if so what type
    ( 4 ) Plan your journey to make sure you will arrive on time

    The day of the Interview

    ( 1 ) Arrive on time with appropriate clothing
    ( 2 ) Check you have all the documents you need Address , Contact Name
    ( 3 ) Remember the interviewer was once sat where you are so relax ( 4 ) Sell yourself and listen to interviewer and be positive about yourself

    Remember be relaxed and calm you can do no more than your best
    We wish you the best of luck in your efforts to find a new job
  • Tip for Finding job in UK
    Where are all the graduate jobs hiding?

    List UK Job Sites Here

    job search engine for the
    British labour market.

    Jobs 1 
    UK directory of recruitment sites receiving over 35,000 UK job seekers per week.

    Feature packed UK recruitment site.

    Job Site 
    Large UK recruitment site which also covers a few other European

    StepStone is Europe's leading independent online recruitment site

    UK arm of the leading US recruitment specialist.

    Study English to Work in New Zealand
     To improve your English while gaining practical
    knowledge of how to find a job in New Zealand

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