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Since 1999 New Zealand has enjoyed a sustained period of economic growth (
Wikipedia - New Zealand). As of August 2005 the official unemployment rate in New Zealand was 3.7%. For the most up-to-date unemployment statistics see Statistics New Zealand.

The major industries in New Zealand are agricultural, manufacturing, and services. Tourism and consultancy are growing sectors (

Many large international companies (eg in the finance and services sector) have offices in New Zealand. Search individual company websites or go to
Wikipedia - List of New Zealand Companies for more information.

New Zealand Immigration Service website produces an ‘Immediate Skills Shortage List’ and a ‘Long Term Skills Shortage List’.

These lists are useful ways of identifying potential job opportunities in New Zealand. In August 2005 the website highlighted the following shortage skills areas:

  • agriculture;
  • building;
  • health and community services;
  • manufacturing;
  • utilities (gas, water, electricity).

It is advisable to check the New Zealand Immigration Service website for the latest information on skill shortages.

Working conditions are generally good and the website of the Department of Labour - New Zealand even has a section on work life balance. Employees are entitled to three weeks of holiday a year, rising to four weeks a year in 2007.

Language requirements

New Zealand’s two main languages are English and Maori. Most jobs advertised will require good oral and written English.

Where to look for jobs

Job vacancies are advertised in a variety of different ways. Use the suggestions from the list below to help you with your job search.

Check daily and local newspapers

In major daily newspapers there is usually one paper a week which features most of the job adverts. Papers with a weekend edition will generally have a large employment section too.

Don't forget to check your local newspapers. Although they have fewer vacancies they are good indicators of what the labour market is like in your region, and the sorts of jobs that are available near to where you live.

Register with recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies often advertise vacancies in newspapers or on their own websites on behalf of employers. However, you will normally need to register with an agency before you can apply for the vacancy.

Reigstration is free to job seekers, because recruitment companies are paid by employers when a position is filled. You can register with as many recruitment agencies as you wish, which is often a good idea because they will contact you about other suitable vacancies. This can be an effective way to access jobs that are not publicly advertised.

You can also register with your local Work and Income office for help finding vacancies.

Read professional and industry journals

Professional and industry journals often include job advertisements and information about the industry. You can buy the journals or they might be available in libraries or on the Internet.

Attend career expos

Some recruitment agencies, universities and industries hold job expos where employers can provide information about employment opportunities with their companies, and list their vacancies. You can often apply for the positions at the expo, so take a few copies of your CV and be prepared for impromptu interviews.

Listen to the radio

Some radio stations broadcast local job vacancies. You can find out when these are on and listen in.

Use the Internet

You can use the Internet to find:

  • vacancy adverts on newspaper or job websites 
  • individual employers websites
  • industry professional websites
  • recruitment agency websites.

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