How to get a job in Canada
  Episode 4
Welcome to Canada! Your decision to select Canada as your destination of choice was likely accompanied by dreams for you and your family. You’re confident your skills and international experience will be highly desired in Canada but for some reason you’re not receiving any calls from the dozens of resumes you’ve sent to potential employers. Or, those that have contacted you have told you that you don’t have any Canadian experience. What’s going on?

As a new Canadian, you may be feeling overwhelmed about how to:

  • Get jobs
  • Present your skills to Canadian employers
  • Negotiate a salary that reflects your experience
  • Make contacts in your preferred industry sector

I’ve been where you are now. In the mid-90’s, I moved to Hong Kong with no business contacts, no understanding of the market or potential employers. In fact, I didn’t even understand what HR recruiters were looking for, in the world’s most competitive job market. How na´ve you may be saying!

In hindsight, it was either a huge leap of faith, or a strong will that convinced me that I was going to land my dream job in a foreign country. As a result of meeting one fellow, who provided insights into the Hong Kong market, my entire strategy changed. I’m happy to report that I did land a dream job as the Marketing Manager for North East Asia for a major telecommunications company.

I’d love to hear the story of what brought you to Canada and help you to find your own ‘dream’ job. I’ll share my insider tips on how to “Canadianize” your experience. And you’ll learn some simple techniques to increase your network of contacts and job prospects in the market.

Canada Jobs Forum

The majority of people in Canada get jobs through applying to job advertisements in newspaper and more job listings in job wetsite. It requires confidence and self promotion which are qualities discouraged in many other cultures. You need to rewrite your CV into a CV format that is suited to the Canada environment, and get ready for job interview.

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