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How do I book a cheap flight? How do I be sure my cheap flight is reliable? How do I be sure the money I pay for my cheap flight is safe? All the answers are here on

Finding Cheap Flights
 ----- Our golden rules for finding a cheap flight

We invented it. We even have a word for it: cheap flights-ology. If you want to go away, but don't want to spend a fortune to look at cheap flights, then follow these recommendations for a life of affordable travel.

  • Shop around for the best deal and be patient for finding cheap flights. One company will never ever always have the cheapest flight price.

  • to get cheap flights, be flexible with your flight times. Try flying on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday rather than at weekends.

  • Generally speaking you will get a cheaper fare by booking early.

  • Remember that travel agents do not search all the low fare airlines to get cheapest flight.

  • To get cheapest flight, be flexible, if possible, with your airports. Flying to or from a nearby or secondary airport can save you money, but remember to add in the cost of getting to the airport and getting from the airport when you land.

  • Always compare like with like: First, watch out for taxes, surcharges and fees. Secondly, some airlines are more comfortable (offering seat allocation, food and drinks) so cheapest flight price is not always the only factor.

There are some other considerations for finding cheapest flight. The rise and rise of no-frills airlines has forced traditional airlines to be more competitive. There are advantages to travelling with a traditional carrier if you can find a bargain. These include assigned seating so you can avoid that scrum at the departure gates and you may get some kind of in-flight service too. If your flight is cancelled or delayed, the traditional airlines will be able to get you on another flight or help you with accommodation for the night. With the low-costs, you are on your own cheapest flight.

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